Top Home Fitness Equipment – The Spin Bike

In order to stay fit and healthy people either diet, workout or do both. With the ‘both’ option obviously be the better option. Now the majority of people will end up working out in a gym but for others working out in the privacy of their own home is highly desired.

Unfortunately getting an entire gym in your house is unlikely unless you live in a HUGE mansion. As such if you are looking for home equipment it is usually best to pick a few items that are really useful and don’t take up too much room.

The most common equipment people chose for home fitness are usually treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, aerobic steppers, cable pulley machine and many more.

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One of the most used pieces of equipment with a high number of benefits is the home Spin Bike. You can easily find them everywhere on Amazon as there are so many manufacturers of them today. We have researched for the best spin bikes online today and come up with our own list. That list depends on Quality, ease of use, comfort, build quality along with the price.

Check out the four spin bikes below we recommend

  1.  Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle

It is small, heavy and a good quality cycle designed to be used in a gym as well as at home with ease. You can do the cardio with ease and without getting into any sort of issue. It has a chain and flywheel system that work flawless and easy to stop with two brake pads.

  1. Spinner L7 Spin Lifestyle Series 

The quality always matters and the Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle is fulfilling it well with the great built quality and durability. Spinner is a popular brand from past 25 years for higher quality products with durability at reasonable prices.  These are common factors to consider while looking for the best spin bikes for home use.

  1. Diamondback Fitness t510Ic

In terms of higher number of features but comparatively lower prices, Diamondback Fitness 510Ic is a good choice to be used at home. It gives you the terrific spin and is best for durability. The wheel works extremely awesome while you are riding at full speed. The loved feature of this product is computerized integration between the operation and the monitor.

  1. Keiser M3

Almost every single feature is offered in this cycle. You can even find almost every feature in the keiser’s latest series. The durability, build quality, design and many other things are awesome about this product. There is even an eddy current magnetic system added which provides a great ground breaking system. All the factors are good about the product, however, the price factor is little higher than the others.

So, what’s the final verdict?

You can choose any spin bike at the end of the day (nor just using our list). However always make sure to focus on quality, features, maintenance and price factor as compared to others. These factors will help you to buy the right product with for your home gym!

How to Set Up a Car Gun Safe?

A car gun safe helps gun owners protect their firearms, abide by the concealed carry laws and prevent the loss or theft of their guns of the unauthorized use of the same by other people or children traveling in the vehicles. It is not tough to install a gun safe in a car if you know about the proper ways to do the same. This can be actually done in two ways.

Screw it in place

The safest way, and one of the first ways, is to screw your gun safe to a spot in the console of your car. You will need a few screws, a screwdriver and some time and patience to be able to do this.

Unzip the console cover first, and have the metal frame exposed. Set the safe in spot and make proper marks around the edges. Make use of the open safe or the anchorage sleeve for marking the holes that you have to drill.

Drill the holes to set up the safe itself or the metal sleeve. Do not exert a lot of pressure on your drill, as you might end up with holes in your roof or seats in that case.

Next, you have to push in the screws from the rear part of the plate that you have drilled. This will make the screws face the safe or the sleeve. Place cover on the screws, and cut it with a blade to disclose the screws.

Set your plate on the screws. Hold it in place with the help of nuts and lock washers. In case the bolts jut out over the sleeve too much, you need to get rid of the additional with the help of a saw. It will not be an issue for safe models that come with holes pre-drilled in them.

Set your car gun safe on the sleeve or plate. This will fasten the safe securely to your vehicle, and let you access your firearm easily.

Wrapping it securely with a security cable

Wrap a security cable around the bottom of your car’s front seat or some other fixed object.

Place the big loop of the cable through the small cable loop.

Wrap the big loop around the car’s latch post. Drop it at the front of your car seat, beneath the hooks.

Introduce the cable in the slot of the gun safe. Use the nut offered with the safe to fasten it securely in place.

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Reviews

A biometric gun safe with fingerprint recognition is very important for gun owners. Here are reviews of some of the top gun safes in the market that open with biometric fingerprint technology designed for gun safes.

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

It stands testimony to the commitment of BARSKA to fingerprint technology.


  • This is a fairly compact safe that measures 7.8 in x 11.8 in x 7.8 in, and can safely be concealed from view – whether at office or in home.
  • At only 12 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It can store as many as 30 varied fingerprints, allowing access to the other members in your family.
  • It is constructed out of heavy gauge steel.
  • The back-up key mechanisms ensure that you never lock your own safe out for you.
  • It operates on the power drawn from 4 AA batteries.


Unless you actually mount the safe, it can easily get stolen.

GunBox Biometric Gun Safe

It is a spacious gun safe that wows with its fire-resistant and tough surface.


  • It has a sleek design and is aesthetic to look at.
  • The biometric safe can be opened up in many different ways. There is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology as well as a fingerprint scanner.
  • Its fingerprint scanner can be programmed easily, and you can scan as well as store as many as 100 different fingerprints.
  • The gun case is made of aircraft-grade strong alloy.


The only thing negative about the safe could be its cost. However, there are enough features to justify its high price.

Steelwater Heavy Duty Safe Fire Protection AMSW592818-BLK

This is a strong gun safe that is powered by biometric technology, and comes at a low cost.


  • It is made of solid 12-gauge steel and is resistant to all types of intrusion. It can withstand flood and fire hazards for as long as 45 minutes.
  • An EMP-proof lock is there to keep guns locked away safely from others.
  • There are two main sections that can contain 10 long rifles. Thus, you can safely keep as many as 20 guns.


It has slightly less space than other Steelwater models.


In the US alone, over 341,000 firearms are stolen from private citizens annually on an average. Almost all of these end up in the hands of criminals. Even at home, there are always risks of guns landing up in the hands of children or unauthorized persons. Thus, any of these biometric fingerprint gun safes can be a great option for you.

Things You Must Know Before Buying A Snorkel Mask

If you are planning on purchasing a full face snorkel mask there are probably lots of things going on in your mind. Due to this, most people are unable to make a decision on buying the best full faced snorkel mask for them.  However, there is no need to be troubled about it anymore.  You have come to the right place. Here, users can attain information about buying the right product with ease.

But first of all lets talk more about the snorkel mask. A snorkel ma


Quick Tips For Snorkel Masks

As we know, it is just a simple piece of dive gear, which supports the user to see the sights in the sea. If you are planning an underwater trip, then it is recommended that to buy a good one well before diving in the water. Conversely, as mentioned earlier there are few people who find it hard to pick out the better quality snorkel mask and end up facing disappointment. So, in order to eradicate these kinds of hurdles, it is advisable to consider some factors before buying a mask. Factors to consider include:

  • Firstly, there are lots of snorkel mask available in both nearby markets and online stores. Some of them offer anti-fog glass, which is very beneficial for an underwater dive or snorkel. So, choose the product with the anti-fog tempered glass lens and enjoy the trips easily.
  • Most importantly, never buy the item, which doesn’t fit appropriately for your face or is too big for your face. If you get this wrong then the mask will fill up with water and that is a nightmare. Now there are a variety of masks present in the market with several sizes for all face types. So, choose the one which fits you perfectly.
  • There is also some sellers offering the snorkel masks for rent. If you are trying to save money by getting a mask on rent, then it is better for you to avoid it. The rental items can be defected or won’t work appropriately under the water, that’s why buy a new one rather than getting it on rent. Plus you will have it for life and be able to go snorkeling whenever you want!

So what’s the final word? On the whole, there is no need to be troubled about snorkel masks anymore.  Just read and understand the writing in order to obtain the right product. We hope this  information will help you out to get a good snorkel mask, which fulfills all your requirements.