5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Biometric Gun Safe

The best biometric gun safes are highly evolved versions of old-style gun cabinets, and make it more convenient for gun owners to store their firearms along with other valuable or relevant stuffs. These make use of face or fingerprint identification system of the gun owner and other people authorized by him or her, in order to allow access to guns in the safe to only a limited number of individuals. Here are 5 important things that you should consider prior to the purchase of this type of safe.


Consider the space where you want to install your gun safe. Whether it is the basement, library, living room or some other area, a proper idea of the installation space will make it easier for you to choose a gun safe of a proper size. You should go for a large safe if you want to store a shotgun or AR-15. However, if you only have to store small handgun, small-sized safes can be enough. Although larger biometric gun safes come with more features, they come with higher price tags.


If you feel that your safe can be tampered with, you should look for a very strong safe. Choose a safe with lower steel gauge figures. The lower the Ga, the higher the thickness is. A thicker steel safe usually makes a stronger safe. It is always more preferable to have a stronger safe if you live in a neighborhood that is prone to burglaries.

Number of fingerprint recognition

Examine whether the safe is able to recognize just one or many fingerprints. It would be better to pick a gun safe that can recognize a number of fingerprints if you wish to let other members in your family access your gun as well.


Choose a safe having low rates of false acceptance and false rejection. A safe that makes errors in opening up can make you lose those precious seconds that can make all the difference between life and death for you. It can also allow unauthorized access, thus jeopardizing your security.

Battery life

Biometric gun safes are usually battery operated. Look for safes that have a longer battery life, so that you are not shut out of your own gun safe during emergencies due to a battery that has been drained of all its power. It would be better to have a safe that works on AC power as well, so that you can have a backup power source.