Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

It is not everyone who has some extra space in their house to store a stand-up paddle board since a majority of them are about twelve foot in length. The best inflatable paddle boards are an exciting and exquisite way of exploring the oceans, rivers or lakes. The inflatable paddle boards are more suitable than the stand-up paddle boards since they can be packed down to a suitcase size and after a short while of pumping they inflate to the original size. To let you cruise the oceans, seas or lakes we have selected some of the best inflatable paddle boards for gliding over the choppy waves.

Isle Surf and SUP Airtech Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

This board is ideal for touring and cruising. The board is about twelve feet long and six inches in width and with a weight of about twenty four pounds. The centre has a removable fin accompanied by two tiny ones at the side. The board can be used for excursions in the water all day long. It is light weight with a nose-mouthed handle which allows it to be easily carried. All gears can be stashed at the front by the use of a bungee system. The surface is grippy which will make it slip resistance. The stability and the speed of the board is guaranteed by the tapered tail and nose. Durable PVC is used in the construction of the board to make it firm and sturdy. Other features available in the board are the carry backpack, high pressure manual pump and a nylon blade paddle. The maximum weight that can be handled by the board is riders of up to 300 pounds.

Atoll Paddle Inflatable SUP

This type of inflatable SUP is best suited for excursions. The board has ample space which makes it ideal for riders who have luggage for camping or other gears that need storage space. The front of the board is equipped with a huge bungee system for storage. At the back there are eight extra tie-down rings. The maximum inflation of the board is six inches thick to make the ride more rigid without the centre of the board sagging. The board will stay afloat all day with plush foaming appearing near the board’s top deck. Other essential features that come with the board are a manual pump, travelling backpack, aluminium paddle and a repair kit. The maximum weight of the rider should be 300 pounds.