Best soccer boots you can buy

Football is a wonderful game, the sport that makes South Americans go crazy, mourn and celebrate for days after the game ends. Wars have been halted on the grounds that “the game must go on”. Football is a sport where rivalries are extended far beyond the sport, creating enemy lines and dividing nations, families and households. Football is a religion. In Spain, two extreme fans’ divisions, “Los Blancos” and “Barca” give the football a lot more passion, pleasure and pain of every El Classico meeting. No blockbuster can pull more crowd than El Classico. America has been late to the party but they have helped bring the sport to a lot of already devoted supporters.

Addidas and Puma

The two sport giants created by two German brothers have been around since the inception of football. The kings of this sport Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Diego Maradonna, Pele, Ronaldinho wore iconic football cleats. The Great French man Zinedine Zidane who lead France to world cup victory in 1998 wore the “Copa Mundial” made by Addidas. Pele and Maradona wore the “Puma king”. Just as with broadcasting American brand Nike was later added to the party but quickly gained sympathy from Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, “El Phenomeno” Ronaldo. Nike was never first choice until the last two decades, but they were quick to place a company at the first place when it comes to sportswear company at all football competition.

Selecting the right soccer shoe for you

Football is not only about running, based on the given position. You’ll find yourself engaging in play as there are different benefits that you can get directly from the right shoe. The best soccer boots compliment the player, not otherwise. There are three main areas of play, defense, midfield, offense/attack. The best soccer boots for defender is one that is heavy and solid, allows the player to stop and turn quickly. Midfielders prioritize first touch and passing and so the best soccer boots must be light. The forwards also prioritize speed and first touch as a crucial skill needed to get away from defenders. The best soccer boots for defenders would be Adidas for their strong stitching and durability, you wouldn’t want to be going into a 50/50 challenge and coming out as a looser as a defender. Midfielders would prefer Nike and Puma for the closefitting and ball feel. Forwards simply should go for Nike.