How to Set Up a Car Gun Safe?

A car gun safe helps gun owners protect their firearms, abide by the concealed carry laws and prevent the loss or theft of their guns of the unauthorized use of the same by other people or children traveling in the vehicles. It is not tough to install a gun safe in a car if you know about the proper ways to do the same. This can be actually done in two ways.

Screw it in place

The safest way, and one of the first ways, is to screw your gun safe to a spot in the console of your car. You will need a few screws, a screwdriver and some time and patience to be able to do this.

Unzip the console cover first, and have the metal frame exposed. Set the safe in spot and make proper marks around the edges. Make use of the open safe or the anchorage sleeve for marking the holes that you have to drill.

Drill the holes to set up the safe itself or the metal sleeve. Do not exert a lot of pressure on your drill, as you might end up with holes in your roof or seats in that case.

Next, you have to push in the screws from the rear part of the plate that you have drilled. This will make the screws face the safe or the sleeve. Place cover on the screws, and cut it with a blade to disclose the screws.

Set your plate on the screws. Hold it in place with the help of nuts and lock washers. In case the bolts jut out over the sleeve too much, you need to get rid of the additional with the help of a saw. It will not be an issue for safe models that come with holes pre-drilled in them.

Set your car gun safe on the sleeve or plate. This will fasten the safe securely to your vehicle, and let you access your firearm easily.

Wrapping it securely with a security cable

Wrap a security cable around the bottom of your car’s front seat or some other fixed object.

Place the big loop of the cable through the small cable loop.

Wrap the big loop around the car’s latch post. Drop it at the front of your car seat, beneath the hooks.

Introduce the cable in the slot of the gun safe. Use the nut offered with the safe to fasten it securely in place.