The Disc Golf Is One Of The Most Interesting Sports Fusion

Disc golf is one of the fusion sports which combines the game play of Frisbee and the rules of golf together. Hence the style of playing disc golf is quite interesting. One will gather idea of golfing and the experience of Frisbee together from this game. And here you are explained how to play disc golf in easy steps.

What you need to play disc golf

You would need a Frisbee for this. Just like you play shots with the golf ball, here you play the shots with the Frisbee by throwing the Frisbee towards the target. You would need a target too, which in disc golf is called the hole. The hole or target is generally a metal cage which has a tapering shape upwards.

Similarities of disc golf with the game of golf

Disc golf is a name that came from using a disc as a golf ball with the similar rules too. The disc or Frisbee is a normal frisbee which you would play in a beach or ground. And the rules say that you will have to send the disc to the hole by attempting minimum number of throws just like in golf. The next throw is attempted from the place the previous throw landed the disc at.

Multiple discs

While finding out how to play disc golf you may look for ways to make the game more interesting. You can buy a few different types of discs to make it more interesting. This will allow you to throw different discs at different attempts.

Discs are compared to golf clubs for the various disc types and shapes. A disc with pointed edges is designed to cut though the air swiftly and easily thereby flying high. And hence such discs are deemed drivers. And then there are conventionally shaped flying discs which would not fly high, but they would steer straight and that’s how they are designed. These are deemed as putters in the game of disc golf.

You can also buy a light weight disc, and these are good for the beginners. The discs vary in weight, and their weights are mentioned at the back.

Game challenge

Trees, plants, the terrain, all makes the game a challenge and fun for the payers as you strive to send the disc to the hole. People of any age, and kids and teens, all can enjoy the game of golf disc as long as you know how to play disc golf.

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